• Carpentry

    From small projects to house construction, the Carpentry program exposes students to all phases of construction.  In this very flexible program, students can advance as their interests and talents allow.  Students work with hand tools and portable power tools and stationary machinery.

    Erecting staging
    House framing
    Roofing and siding
    Exterior and interior finish

    Career Opportunities in Carpentry
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Apprentice Carpenter
    • Assembler
    • Bench Worker
    • Framer
    • Installer
    • Millworker
    • Roofer
    • Sider

    With Experience and /or Advanced Training

    • Carpenter/Cabinetmaker
    • Finish Contractor
    • Framing Contractor
    • General Contractor
    • Inspector
    • Remodeler
    • Supervisor/Foreman
    • Teacher

    Related Occupations

    • Building Inspector
    • Mill Supervisor
    • Estimator
    • Home Inspector