• Culinary

    Whether your interest is in becoming a chef, a baker, a nutritionist, a caterer, or in exploring various food service occupations, the Greater Lowell Culinary Arts program can provide the foundation for a satisfying career.  Students gain experience operating three separate areas, the kitchen, dining room, and bakery.

    Pastry production
    Butcher work
    Food marketing
    Inventory control
    Waiter/waitress training
    Restaurant food preparation
    Function planning and prep
    American Culinary Federation Accredited

    Career Opportunities in Culinary Arts
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Apprentice Baker
    • Apprentice Pastry Chef
    • Bench and Oven Assistant
    • Bus Person
    • Cashier
    • Cooks Helper
    • Dish and Pot Washer
    • Icing and Finishing Assistant
    • Salad Preparer
    • Short-Order Cook
    • Waiter/Waitress

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Bakery Manager
    • Banquet Chef
    • Bench and Oven Person
    • Butcher
    • Cake Decorator
    • Culinary Arts Teacher
    • Executive Chef
    • Head Baker
    • Icing and Finishing Person
    • Manager for Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, and Cafeterias
    • Mixing Person
    • Pastry Chef
    • Second Cook

    Related Occupations

    • Bakery Delivery Person
    • Bakery Owner
    • Bakery Salesperson
    • Banquet Manager
    • Food Salesperson
    • Hotel Maitre’d