• Electronics

    Share the challenges and rewards of this exciting profession.  Start by obtaining a broad knowledge of the basic principles of all facets of electronics technology.

    Build, test, and troubleshoot analog and digital robotic devices
    Utilize analog and digital test equipment for troubleshooting and repair
    Apply skills to programmable logic controllers to reinforce electronic and  computer science fundamentals
    Build and troubleshoot computers
    Utilize data communications equipment using modems to connect computers through networks
    Construct and analyze a local area network using industry-standard software
    Learn the fundamentals of microprocessor-based electronic equipment.

    Career Opportunities in Electronics Technology
    Entry Level Occupations

    • CATV Technician
    • Computer Technician
    • Electronic Stockperson
    • Electronic Wirer and Assembler
    • Bench Technician
    • Help Desk Technician
    • Field Service Technician
    • Photocopier Repairperson
    • Radio-Television Technician
    • Video Game Technician
    • Home & Small Business Networking Technician
    • Electronic Salesperson
    • Electromechanical Assembler Test Technician
    • Remote Service Technician

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Audio Visual Engineer
    • Computer Design Engineer
    • Electrical & Electronics Engineer
    • Electromechanical Inspector
    • Electronics Instructor
    • Electrical & Engineering Assistant
    • Licensed Radio-Television Technician
    • Microwave Engineer
    • Production Line Supervisor
    • Satellite System Designer
    • Telecommunications Engineer
    • Calibration Technician
    • Electrical & Electronics Installers & Repairers
    • Test Equipment Technician
    • Electronic Equipment Fabricator
    • Home Entertainment Technician

    Related Occupations

    • Audio Visual Security Technician
    • Automotive Electronics Technician
    • Certified Network Associate
    • Medical Electronics Technician
    • Electro-Optical Engineer
    • Environmental Control Technician
    • Network Security Specialist
    • Radar Engineer
    • Robotics Engineer