• Metal Fabrication & Joining

    Students learn to create products for the metal manufacturing industry using sheet metal and welding techniques.  From precision sheet metal work to welding manufacturing and construction, students gain a solid background in a high demand industry.

    Drafting and layout
    Blueprint reading
    Safety procedures
    Use of hand and power tools
    Use of manual equipment
    Related math
    On-the-job experience

    Career Opportunities in Metal Fabrication
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Apprentice Fabricator
    • Arc Welder (all phases)
    • Tungsten Inert Gas Welder
    • Iron Worker
    • Oxy. Acet. Welder and Cutter
    • Press Brake Operator
    • Punch Press Operator
    • Shear Operator
    • Sheet Metal Worker
    • Apprentice Supervisor

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Factory Representative
    • Heating & Ventilating Air Conditioning Spec.
    • Metal Fabrication Teacher
    • Precision Sheet Metal Inspector
    • Precision Sheet Metal Model Maker
    • Project Estimator
    • Shop Owner
    • Welding Engineer
    • Welding Inspector

    Related Occupations

    • Drill Press Operator
    • Factory Bench Hand
    • Grinder
    • Salvage Yard Person
    • Spot Welder
    • Stock Handler
    • Welding Supply Delivery Person
    • Welding Supply Store Clerk