• Painting & Design

    Even in a “do-it-yourself” time, the skilled craftsperson in Painting and Design is in great demand. A professional painter and paper hanger is a versatile specialist who must possess knowledge of other fields to correctly coat various surfaces.

    Wall coverings and wallpaper methods
    Faux finishing techniques
    Glazing and cutting glass
    Spray painting
    The science of color
    Wood finishing and refinishing
    Drywall finishing and practical application
    Interior and exterior painting procedures

    Career Opportunities in Painting & Design
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Apprentice Painter
    • Construction Painter
    • Drywall Finisher
    • Faux Finisher
    • Furniture Finisher
    • House Painter (Interior & Exterior)
    • Paint & Wallpaper Salesperson

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Art Guilder
    • Electrostatic Painter
    • Industrial Sprayer
    • Interior Designer
    • Military Painter
    • Mural Artist Painter
    • Painting Contractor
    • Physical Plant Paint Foreman
    • Powder Coater
    • Set Design
    • Union Painter

    Related Occupations

    • Estimator
    • Lead Paint Inspector
    • Facilities Management
    • Sales Representatives for Paint Manufactures
    • Trade Shop Set-Up