• Plumbing

    Plumbing students study the theory, design, installation and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems.  They get hands-on experience with the latest installation techniques, materials, tools, fixtures and appliances, with an after-graduation goal of becoming an apprentice, then a licensed plumber.

    Copper water piping
    Cast iron piping
    Plastic waste and vent piping
    Gas piping
    Appliance installation
    Hydraulics and pneumatics
    Massachusetts Plumbing Code
    Hot water heating

    Career Opportunities in Plumbing
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Apprentice Gasfitter/License
    • Apprentice Plumber/License
    • Plumbing Supply Clerk
    • Stock Clerk

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Designer-Plumber
    • Foreman
    • Journeyman Gasfitter/License
    • Journeyman Plumber/License
    • Master Plumber
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Plumbing Contractor
    • Plumbing Estimator
    • Plumbing Inspector
    • Project Supervisor
    • Purchasing Agent
    • Sanitary Engineer
    • Teacher
    • Trade Guide Office

    Related Occupations

    • Building Maintenance Person
    • Gas Company Worker
    • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Technician
    • Pipefitter
    • Pricing Clerk
    • Sprinkler Fitter