• Information Technology Services

    Students prepare for positions in the computer science industry, learning fundamental software development, web development, databases, and robotics.

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    Event-driven object-oriented programming
    Extensive overview of Information Technology career fields
    In-depth web development
    Computer assembly and repair
    Networking Essentials

    Career Opportunities in Information Technology Services
    Entry Level Occupations

    • Computer Technicians
    • Technical Support/Help Desk
    • Assistant Network Administrator
    • Associate Computer Programmer
    • Video Game Tester
    • Associate Web Designer/Developer
    • Mobile App Tester
    • Network Support Specialist
    • Penetration Tester
    • Software Tester

    With Experience and/or Advanced Training

    • Software Engineer
    • Database Administrator
    • System Analyst
    • Mobile App Developer
    • Information Technology Manager
    • Video Game Developer
    • Web Developer/Master
    • Senior Programmer
    • Video Game Designer
    • UI/UX Designer

    Related Occupations

    • Network Administrator
    • Security Administrator
    • Cybersecurity Engineer
    • Project Manager
    • QA Engineer
    • Desktop Publisher
    • Network Architect
    • Technical Writer
    • Database Architect
    • Technical Trainer