• Admissions Policy

    All candidates with a completed application and with the minimum required entrance assessment scores (56.7 for Math, 60.0 for Reading and 47.0 for English) will be interviewed. In the event that the school has more applicants than training capacity, qualified applicants will be placed on a waiting list determined by the admissions policy listed below. More qualified applicants than training slots for students are anticipated. An applicant must have all required documents in order for consideration for admission into Greater Lowell Technical School of Practical Nursing.

    The following Admissions Policy, along with a personal interview, will be used for decisions regarding program admissions and to develop a prioritized waiting list of qualified applicants. Qualified students that cannot be accepted initially will be notified they are on the waiting list and as openings occur.


    • Entrance Exam
    • Interview
    • Required documents: 
      • 1. Application
      • 2. Original/Official U.S. High School Transcript or Official U.S. College Transcript approved by that State’s Board of Education or a U.S. GED. If supplying a GED, we must see the GED Certificate and the Official Transcript of GED Test Results.
      • 3. Resume
      • 4. Professional Evaluation (3) - Evaluation Rubric - Click Here
      • 5. Documentation of Citizenship Status (one of the following):  All documents Must be ORIGINALS
        1. Birth Certificate (original)
        2. Certificate of Naturalization (original)
        3. VALID U.S. Passport (original)
        4. VALID Resident Alien Card (original)
        5. VALID Employment Authorization Card (original)
      • **All non-citizen documentation will be submitted for verification with the Department of Homeland Security.
      • 6. Social Security Card - Must be ORIGINAL
      • 7. Proof of Residency
        Driver’s License - If you possess a different address than was indicated on your license please provide:  1. Resident's Utility Bill and/or Lease Agreement

    **An applicant must have all required documents in order for consideration for admission into the Practical Nurse Program.

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    The Greater Lowell Technical School of Practical Nursing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, limited English proficiency, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, criminal record, disability, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy or a condition related to said pregnancy, and homelessness in the administration of its educational and employment policies, programs, practices or activities, as defined and required by state and federal law.  In addition, Greater Lowell Technical High School is committed to providing a work and learning environment free from sexual harassment and prohibits retaliation against any individual for making a complaint of conduct prohibited under this Notice, or for assisting or assisting in the investigation of such a complaint.

    The Greater Lowell Technical School of Practical Nursing endorses the principles of equal opportunity education and compliance with all state and federal laws.

    The Greater Lowell Technical School of Practical Nursing supports the values and goals of the parent institution.