• Advanced Placement

    All Advanced Placement applicants must complete all of the criteria described in the Program Brochure including; an application with a $135 payment, an enrollment agreement, resume, personal statement, 3 references and an official transcript, mailed directly from the school where previous courses were completed. The placement on the waiting list for Term II will be determined by the date of the receipt of application. All required documentation will need to be completed prior to starting the Term including a completed CORI, drug screening, health record and validation of citizenship status when applicable.

    All students seeking advanced placement into Term II will be required to take a challenge test for Fundamentals of Nursing. This exam is a review of the basic fundamental principles that are covered in the course, ensuring that the student has retained enough Fundamental principles to be a safe and competent student nurse prior to entering Term II. The specific dates of the exams will be determined by the Director and the applicant will be notified in advance. In addition, remediation work will be required before being considered for advanced placement.

    All advanced placement students for Term II will also be required to attend Fundamental’s Lab for the last month of Term I. The specific dates will be supplied to the student by the Director. Completion of the challenge exam, remediation and attendance of lab does not guarantee admission into Term II. After meeting readmission criteria, actual admission to Term II can only occur if a seat is available. All returning students for Term II and III will be required to repeat the Medical Surgical course and clinical regardless of whether they passed the course previously or not. All Term II & Term III nursing courses must be completed within the program to receive a certificate from GLTS.

    Tuition will be determined by the final hour calculations that will need to be completed within the Program. The following rates will be used for tuition costs: $4.00 an hour in-district classroom hours, $9.00 an hour out-of-district classroom hours, $11.00 an hour out-of-state classroom hours and $8.00 an hour for all clinical hours.

    If enrolling in Terms II & Term III, 50% of total tuition must be paid prior to the beginning of class.

    If you are applying for financial aid, your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be completed before the start of Term II. If it is not completed, a payment plan or payment in full must be in place before the first day of Term II.

     Previously Earned Credit/Transfer Credit

    An applicant/student may apply for credit for previously completed courses. Prior satisfactory completion of courses within the GLTS Practical Nurse Program, other Practical Nurse Programs or other nursing educational institutions will be considered for Previously Earned Credit (PEC). Transferring between programs within the institution is not allowed, due to the specific curriculum and hour requirements. Course credit granting will be determined by the following criteria:

    • Written request to the Director for credit consideration for specific courses must be submitted prior to the beginning of the program and must include all of the courses that are being considered for credit granting.
    • An official transcript, mailed directly to the Director from the previous educational institution, for a course completed within the past three years.
    • The course outlines may be required in order to determine similarity in content.
    • A minimum grade of 77%/C+ must be achieved for nursing courses.
    • A minimum grade of 75%/C for non-nursing courses.
    • The Faculty will make the final determination for awarding credit for courses previously completed.
    • Any course may only be repeated twice. Credit will not be allowed on the third attempt of completing a course. An unsuccessful prior attempt with a course in another school will be considered as the first attempt and repetition of that course within this program will be considered the second attempt.

    The Practical Nurse Program curriculum must be completed within two consecutive calendar years.  Any transfer credits will be considered as part of the first year of the two calendar year allocations. If credit is awarded, the grade will be reflected on the report card and transcripts as PEC (Previously Earned Credit).  No numerical grade will be assigned and these courses will not be used to determine the cumulative average.

    If all Term I courses are approved for credits, applicants may apply for admission for Term II, however, all Term II and Term III nursing courses must be completed within the program to receive a certificate from the Greater Lowell Technical Practical Nurse Program. No alteration in tuition may occur as a result of credit granting unless these courses are allowed for Advanced Placement Status in Term II.  This determination is based upon the number of courses, type of courses, and amount and availability of advanced placement positions.