• Core Values
    (P. 3 of Student Handbook)

    A core value is a central belief deeply understood and shared by every member of an organization. Greater Lowell Technical High School has established a set of core values to guide the actions of all students and staff, and that are reflected daily in their performance building quality lives, and a positive school culture conducive to learning for all.

    All members of the Greater Lowell Technical High School Learning Community will strive to:

    At Greater Lowell Technical High School - We Strive To R.E.A.C.H.

    - We treat ourselves, others, and our surroundings with dignity through words and actions.

    Effort - We work to the best of our abilities to make continuous progress without giving up or giving in.

    Accountability - We own our words and actions and have the courage to accept responsibility for our decisions.

    Commitment - We show dedication to our success, our school, and our community.

    Honesty - We act with integrity and value the importance of truthfulness.