• Caught Doing Good
    (P. 29 of Student Handbook)

    Greater Lowell Technical High School’s mission statement highlights our commitment to ensure our student's readiness not only for career and/or college but also for citizenship in the 21st century. In promoting and encouraging our commitment to this mission, and our Core Values (REACH), we have requested that our staff report random, unprovoked acts of citizenship "Caught Doing Something Good” that are displayed by our students on a daily basis. This may include but not be limited to: turning in found items, holding the door for another person, sitting with a student at lunch who is eating alone, cleaning-up a mess that was made by other students.

    We recognize that our student population represents the future and we believe strongly in citizenship as a key to both the individual success of a student as well as the overall future of our society. For this reason, each quarter class meetings are held where we recognize our students who were "Caught Doing Something Good" throughout that particular quarter. During those meetings, students are provided with T-Shirts identifying their positive behavior. We hope our students wear their shirts proudly!