• Dismissals
    (P. 13 of Student Handbook)


    A dismissal before 10:43 a.m. will count as an unexcused absence unless proper documentation is provided to qualify the dismissal as excused (i.e., an appointment note from a physician). Four (4) unexcused dismissals from school per quarter will count as one day of unexcused absence. In order to be considered present for the day, you must be in attendance at least half of the scheduled school day. In the event that a student appears to be impaired, he/she will be subject to an involuntary dismissal for safety reasons.

    *Seniors will be dismissed (excused) after the completion of the senior meeting or no later than 11:27 a.m. on the day of the senior prom.


    Medical, dental, and other appointments, such as appointments with the Department of Motor Vehicles for licenses and permits, should be made after school hours. When this is impractical, students may be dismissed with written permission from a parent or guardian. Students must submit dismissal requests to the Main Office before 9:00 a.m. All written dismissal requests need to contain a phone number to reach a parent/guardian in order for the dismissal to be confirmed. If an emergency arises during the day and a student must be dismissed, a parent or guardian must come to the school to pick up his/her child (dismissal notes through e-mail should only be used in emergency situations and must come from an e-mail address on file with the school).