• Dress Code
    (P. 32-33 of Student Handbook)

    A student has the responsibility to present a neat, clean, and non-offensive appearance that is not distracting to teachers and other students or detrimental to the educational process of the school. Individual attire that is disruptive to the educational process or causes distraction to others will not be tolerated. Each individual technical program may impose additional restrictions on required dress for safety and health reasons.

    The following dress code should be followed:

    • Clothing which displays tobacco or alcohol advertising, profanity, racial, ethnic, or other inappropriate slurs, disruptive images or words, drug or gang related symbols as determined by the Main Office is strictly prohibited.
    • Clothing or accessories that display offensive images or words that would be considered socially, culturally, or ethnically inappropriate and disrupt the educational process is strictly prohibited.
    • Clothing that is excessively frayed or torn, as well as clothing made of sheer fabrics that can be seen through revealing undergarments are not to be worn.
    • Hair and/or beard styles must not present a safety hazard.
    • Hats, bandannas, headbands, hoods, visors, and any items that may help conceal one's identity (wigs, masks, etc.) may not be worn by the students in school during normal school hours (7:00 a.m. – 2:01 p.m.) or in detention or other structured activities, such as tutoring, which occurs outside of normal school hours, except for headwear being worn for safety reasons (as decided by Cluster Chairpersons). Any hats, bandannas, headbands, hoods and visors worn, will be confiscated and will require the parent/guardian to reclaim it at the school. Hats not claimed by parent/guardian will be returned to the student on the last day of school. If that does not happen, the hat will be destroyed. The prohibition on headwear at school does not apply to headwear being worn for religious reasons.
    • Jewelry, charms, or other adornments, including any type of piercing(s) may not be worn, if they create a health or safety hazard while in school or while on cooperative education placement. Students will follow all industry standards.
    • Shirts that are too short or are unbuttoned revealing the chest/stomach are prohibited. Torsos must be covered. Shirts must have some form of sleeve and technical program shirts must be tucked in when required.
    • Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
    • Teachers have the right to prohibit coats in the classroom.
    • Tube tops, halter tops and backless shirts and dresses are prohibited.
    • Pants, shorts, etc., should be worn at the hip in a professional manner and should cover any undergarments.
    • Blankets should not be brought to school and are prohibited.

    Students who do not comply with the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action beginning with a warning and an opportunity to rectify the dress code violation (change of clothes). Additional violations of the dress code guidelines or an inability to immediately rectify the dress code violation will result in disciplinary actions including detention and/or suspension.