• Safety in Academic and Technical Programs / Safety Glasses
    (P. 78-80 of Student Handbook)

    Each department will post its own set of safety rules. It is the responsibility of each student to know thoroughly and observe completely the safety rules of his/her department. Individual departments will give safety tests, both written and performance, to each student, which he/she must pass in order to use the machinery, tools and equipment in the technical program area.


    "Each teacher and pupil of any school, public or private, shall while attending school classes in industrial art or technical programs or laboratories in which caustic or explosive chemicals, hot liquids or solids, hot molten metals, or explosives are used or in which welding of any type, stamping or cutting of solid materials, or any similar process is taught, exposure to which may be a source of danger to the eyes, wear industrial quality eye protective device."

    Accordingly, the Greater Lowell Technical High School will provide each student with one (1) pair of eye protection device, upon enrollment in the school. Should the student damage, break or lose his/her eye protection device, it will be the student's responsibility to acquire a new pair. Safety glasses are available in the M.E. Mall stores. The following technical programs require safety glasses to be worn at all times: Automotive Collision, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Electrical, Electronics, HVAC&R, Machine Technology, Masonry, Painting and Design, Plumbing, and Metal Fabrication.

    Security of Students and School Personnel

    In the event that there is a threat of violence in or around the school, the procedures below will be followed. If the threat is outside of the school building, a Soft Lockdown will be put into effect. If the threat is in the school, A.L.I.C.E. Protocols will be initiated.

    To assure school-building security for the students and school personnel, the Greater Lowell Technical High School uses the following system:

    1. All employees and students of the Greater Lowell Technical High School must wear a photo identification card every day.
    2. Security guards.
    3. Instructional Staff and Hall Monitors who proctor the building during the school day.
    4. The Senior Assistant Principal, Assistant Principal and Dean of Students who proctor the building during the school day.
    5. Instructional staff assigned to the main lobby of the building during school day.
    6. Visitors to the building must register at the main entrance security booth and wear visitor identification badges.
    7. Emergency telephone system.
    8. Appropriate signs informing all persons that if they have no purpose to be on school grounds, they should leave immediately. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
    9. Passing bell system overseen by Instructional Staff and Hall Monitors.
    10. Security video cameras.
    11. Security is stationed at the front gate to control who enters and leaves the campus. 
    12. Students and staff A.L.I.C.E. protocols and soft lockdown procedure.