• Retiree Medical Insurance Information

    The School District is part of a group purchase plan entitled the MA Bay Health Care Trust (Trust) that combines purchasing power with three other regional vocational schools to purchase group health insurance for its eligible employees, eligible retirees, and their eligible dependents.  Trust members consist of both labor and management representatives.  The trustees meet monthly from the months of September through May.  Trust meetings are open to the public.

    The School District contributes towards the cost of the plan for benefit-eligible employees, benefit-eligible retirees, and their dependents.

    Non-Medicare Eligible Retirees:

    The School District currently offers four health insurance plans for eligible retirees and their eligible dependents, if applicable, who are not eligible for Medicare through their own employment, spouse’s employment, or former spouse’s employment.  These plans renew on July 1st of each year.  If you reside outside of the networks, please contact the Human Resource Office to discuss a plan option, Blue Care Elect PPO, that may be available to you. For a summary of the coverage provided under each plan listed below, please see the information in the "NON-MEDICARE HEALTH PLANS: SUMMARY OF COVERAGE" section.

Non-Medicare Health Plans: Summary of Coverage

  • Pillar Rx: Pharmacy benefit manager for certain medications for non-senior plans.

    Blue Cross-Blue Shield of MA has partnered with PillarRx Consulting, an independent company, to provide savings to the group for certain medications.  While the program is optional, if you do not enroll and are taking one of the medications on their formulary, you will be responsible for paying 30% of the cost of your eligible medication.   Please see the following for more information regarding this program.

Pillar Rx: Pharmacy benefit manager for certain medications for non-senior plans

  • Mail Order Drug Program-Express Scripts for Non-Medicare Plans

    Blue Cross-Blue Shield of MA has chosen Express Scripts as our mail-order pharmacy for our active and non-senior health insurance plans.  You can order up to a 90-day supply for most maintenance medications or long-term medications, which can save you time.  You also can save money because you will have a smaller co-payment for most medications when you purchase them through the mail-order pharmacy instead of a retail pharmacy.

    For additional information, please see this flier.


  • 2024: Medicare Eligible Retirees and Senior Health Insurance Plans

    As a retiree or spouse of a retiree, if you are Medicare-eligible, you are required to enroll in Medicare Part A & Part B in order to remain insured in the School District’s sponsored post-retirement medical plans.  The School District offers three health plans that include prescription drug coverage for Medicare-eligible individuals. These plans renew each January 1st:


Medicare Eligible Retirees and Senior Health Insurance Plans

Retiree Insurance Rates

Dental Insurance through Delta Dental of MA