What Am I Reading

  • Reading Road

    What are the goals?

    • To promote and model reading to encourage lifelong readers and increase student success.
    • Improve health - reading has been proven to reduce stress, improve memory and stave off Alzheimer’s disease, improve sleep, focus, and concentration.

    What do I need to do?

    • Read a novel, graphic novel, eBook, 3 picture books, 3 magazines. Audiobooks count!
    • 3 sentence review of the book – why you liked or didn’t like it, what other books it reminded you of, something about your favorite character, etc. If you read magazines – what were your favorite articles.  These are not summaries of the materials.

    How do I know what is available in our Library Media Center?

    What about the prizes?

    • At the end of the month – staff members and departments with the most book covers will win prizes - coffee, snacks, class pizza parties, varsity store gift cards, books, etc.
    • At the end of the year – staff will be eligible for the grand prize.
    • Bragging rights for being a prolific and model reader!

    Who can participate?

    • Any adult in the building!