Obtaining Co-op Employment

  • Cooperative Education is an optional program for seniors.  Instead of coming to school on their shop week, students are hired to work for a company and perform tasks that are directly related to their technical program.  Students should be communicating with their Technical Instructors on whether they want to participate in the Co-op Program when opportunities arise.  Students must meet all eligibility requirements at all times to participate in the Co-op program. There are a few ways students can obtain co-op employment.

    1. The Cooperative Education department works with employers in the area to hire our students through the Co-op program. Once a co-op opportunity comes through, the Co-op department contacts the Technical Instructor for student recommendations. 

    2. Technical Instructors work with their field contacts.

    3. Students secure a co-op opportunity through their own resources.

    All cooperative education employers must comply with federal and state employment laws, health and safety laws, as well as meet the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Co-op requirements. The Co-op department will work with each employer directly in setting up job opportunities.

    Juniors are eligible to participate in the cooperative education program in February of their junior year. In order for juniors to participate in the cooperative education program, they must have passed the OSHA 10 certification and meet all other eligibility requirements including grades, attendance, discipline, and receive teacher recommendations (refer to the Student Eligibility section).