• Re-admission (Term I)

    Students that were enrolled at the Greater Lowell Technical School of Practical Nursing in the past 12 months but did not successfully complete Fundamentals of Nursing will be considered a full-time returning student and will be eligible for course exemption.  These students will receive a new enrollment agreement.

    For readmission, the student must write a letter/email to the Director and must state why they feel they were not successful in the program and what they are going to do differently to be successful upon readmission. The student must complete the ATI Practice Fundamentals exam as well as 2 hours of remediation. The returning student must provide 3 templates to verify remediation was completed and submit the templates to the Director.  The date of the written application will determine one’s placement on the waiting list. If a student has been dismissed for reasons related to clinical safety, integrity or ethical reasons it will be cause for denial for readmission. If the student does not follow the proper procedure as outlined in Section H: Withdrawal, future acceptance into the program may be in jeopardy.