• Course Exemption

    An applicant/student may apply for credit for previously completed courses.  Prior satisfactory completion of courses within the GLTS Practical Nurse Program, other Practical Nurse Programs or other nursing educational institutions will be considered for Course Exemption.  Transferring between programs within the institution is not allowed, due to the specific curriculum and hour requirements.  The following courses are eligible for course exemption:

    • Microbiology (Term 1)
    • Anatomy and Physiology (Term 1) 
    • Pharmacology I (Term 1) 
    • Nutrition (Term 1)
    • Vocational Trends (Term 1)
    • Growth and Development (Term 2)

    Course credit granting will be determined by the following criteria:

    • Written request to the Director for credit consideration for specific courses must be submitted prior to the beginning of the program and must include all of the courses that are being considered for credit granting.
    • An official transcript, mailed directly to the Director from the previous educational institution, for a course completed within the past three years.
    • The course outlines may be required in order to determine similarity in content.
    • A minimum grade of 77%/C+ must be achieved for nursing courses.
    • A minimum grade of 75%/C for non-nursing courses.
    • Any course may only be repeated once.  An unsuccessful prior attempt with a course in another school will be considered as the first attempt and repetition of that course within this program will be considered the second attempt. 


    The Practical Nurse Program curriculum must be completed within two consecutive calendar years.  Any transfer credits will be considered as part of the first year of the two calendar year allocations. If credit is awarded, the grade will be reflected on the report card and transcripts as a course exemption.  No numerical grade will be assigned and these courses will not be used to determine the cumulative average.