• English Language Arts

    English Language Arts courses focus on the development of essential English skills and preparation for college and career readiness.  Opportunities for reading and responding to a variety of texts independently and with instruction build students' reading, writing, and speaking skills. Language, vocabulary, study skills, analysis, research, and independent reading support and develop students’ knowledge in the area of English Language Arts and build their independence as learners.

    Students are prepared to succeed on the grade 10 ELA MCAS exam and must successfully complete four years of English to graduate. English Language Arts content and instruction is aligned with the MA ELA Curriculum Framework.

    Courses include
    English 1 – College Prep. & Honors
    English 2 – College Prep. & Honors
    English 3 – College Prep. & Honors
    English 3 – AP Language and Literature – Advanced Placement
    English 4 – College Prep. & Honors
    English 4 – AP Literature and Composition – Advanced Placement
    English Composition I – Dual Enrollment

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