• Mathematics

    Mathematics is an essential part of a technical student’s course of study since so many occupations depend upon competency in this area.  Greater Lowell offers a variety of courses.

    Algebra, Geometry, and Applications of Math courses expose students to number operations, patterns, and multi-step equations.  Open-response questions and those requiring logical thinking are emphasized.  Throughout the program, core concepts are reinforced in problem-solving, communicating, reasoning, and making connections.

    Courses include
    Algebra 1 – College Prep. & Honors
    Geometry – College Prep. & Honors
    Algebra 2 – College Prep. & Honors
    Pre-Calculus – College Prep. & Honors & Dual Enrollment
    Probability and Statistics – College Prep. & Honors
    Calculus – Honors
    AP Calculus AB – Advanced Placement
    AP Statistics – Advanced Placement

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