• Academic Programs

    Greater Lowell Technical High School’s academic programs are designed to provide the best possible academic instruction for students that will prepare them for their future. The goals of the academic programs include helping students reach their full potential with an engaging and rigorous curriculum and instruction in each of the academic programs of English Language Arts, mathematics, physical education/health, science, and social studies.

    All of our core courses are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and prepare students for success on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).

    Course placement for students is determined based on the individual needs of each student taking into consideration: teacher recommendations, grades, district and state assessments, student interest, parent input, and the school counselor’s professional guidance based on all factors. The academic levels available at Greater Lowell Technical High School are as follows:

    Advanced Placement (AP) – Intended for highly motivated students who wish to take challenging college-level courses while in high school. Students that are planning on attending a two or four-year college will have the opportunity to experience a college-like class while receiving the support of highly qualified educators. Students who enroll in Advanced Placement courses are responsible for taking the AP College Board exam for that class.

    Dual Enrollment – Designed for highly motivated college-bound students who have strong academic skills. These courses are in partnership with local colleges and universities and upon successful completion, students can receive college credit.

    Honors – Designed for highly motivated college-bound students who have strong academic skills. These courses are fast-paced and rigorous and require consistent effort and the ability to work independently.

    College Preparatory (CP) – The curriculum contains much of the core content as honors classes. Intended for college-bound students and for those students who wish to keep their post-secondary options open. Students in CP courses will develop a strong foundation of content and skills based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.