• Title I

    Greater Lowell Technical High School has a Title I School-wide Program.  This school-wide program allows funds to be used to provide services and support instructional needs for all students not yet demonstrating proficiency on the Common Core State Standards. 

    As a Title I School, Greater Lowell Technical High School is happy to work with families to ensure that children have exceptional support and access to grade level curriculum. 

    We will provide high-quality instructional programs that will improve student’s literacy, math, social studies, and/or science skills and prepare him/her for the current academic year.  The Title I Department works as a team with the Guidance, Special Education, ELA/ELE/Social Studies, Math/Science and all Technical Departments to keep parents involved in the effort to ensure students’ readiness for career, college, and citizenship in the 21st century. We challenge and support students as they realize their individual potential for personal and professional success.

    Title I provides federal dollars to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.  At Greater Lowell, these funds are used to provide supplemental educational supports for students currently performing below grade level in English.  Students are identified as needing services based on multiple criteria, including Stanford Achievement 10 results, previous MCAS scores, middle-school grades, and teacher recommendations. 

    Title I Secretary: Jacqueline Paz - 978-441-4928

    Title I Facilitator: Cheryl Ann Bomal - 978-441-4804