• School Counseling

    The School Counseling Department at Greater Lowell Technical High School assists each student in reaching his/her potential by providing academic, technical and personal support. Working together with parents/guardians and students, counselors assist each student in gaining insight into understanding his/her environment, needs and potential so that choices and decisions made will culminate in a successful academic and career path.

    Counselors provide a variety of student and community based services including, academic, career and postsecondary planning, and crisis intervention/resources. The School Counseling Office offers a comprehensive developmental guidance program consisting of individual and group sessions with students, as well as parent/guardian evening informational presentations. The administration, counselors, teachers, and students work together to promote the best interests of the individual student.  The focus of the school counselor is to work with the students and their parents/guardians in matters pertaining to academic advising, post-secondary planning, and personal/social counseling. This could include adjustment to school, registering for courses, placement in classes, college and career exploration, testing, tutoring, and personal/emotional issues. Counselors have access to a wide variety of community and collegiate resources in order to provide the students with the best possible options for all their needs. Students should make appointments to see their counselor unless the reason for the meeting is of a critical nature. Parents are encouraged to call or email their child’s counselor to make an appointment to discuss any areas of concern. Conferences may be arranged before or after school or at designated times during the school day.

    School Counselors assist students in many ways:
    Academic counseling and support
    Technical program planning
    Schedule conflicts
    Personal issues
    Work permits
    Job placement
    Armed services information
    College preparation
    Gender Equity Counseling
    Career Counseling

    Work Permits:

    All minors between the ages of 14 and 17 years old are required to have a work permit for employment.  In order to obtain a work permit, students must submit proof of age along with a completed Employment Permit Application.  Students request a work permit from the School Counseling Department.  Work permits are issued during the school day or after school.

    Examples of proof of age include a birth certificate, baptismal record, immigration record, or passport.

2020-2021 Post Secondary Planning Guide

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