Mission Statement

    Greater Lowell Technical School Adult Post Secondary Programs commit to provide students with a dynamic academic and technical education to prepare them with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to be successful in their chosen profession.  We prepare and encourage students to be lifelong learners while realizing and pursuing their individual potential for personal and professional success.

    Adults can take individual job-related courses at night and earn certificates of completion. Fall and spring courses are available. Students must be at least 18 years of age to attend Adult Education classes.

    To request information about our programs:

    For the Fastest Response, send an Email to

    Write: Greater Lowell Technical School, 250 Pawtucket Boulevard, Tyngsboro, MA  01879

    For General Information about Adult Education Programs Call: (978) 441-4489

    Greater Lowell offers a variety of choices for those interested in improving job skills, changing careers or simply pursuing a leisure-time interest.  Students can earn certificates of completion in many of the courses. Fall and winter/spring courses are offered.

    Greater Lowell Technical School is an equal educational opportunity employer/educator and is in compliance with Title IX, Chapter 622, Section 504.