• Admissions Process for the Class of 2023

    1. Application Form

    Fill out the online registration form completely and accurately.  The $140.00 application fee includes payment for one entrance examination session.  Please note: applicants must be at least 17.5 years of age before classes begin.

     2. Entrance Testing Procedure

    An Entrance Examination is required for admission consideration. Refer to “Dates of Entrance Exam” for scheduled exam dates. No exam from other schools will be accepted. All applicants will be tested using the results from the “Test of Essential Academic Skills” test, more commonly called the ATI TEAS.

    Applicants will be assessed in two areas:

    A. Reading Assessment: This test is 64 minutes with 53 questions. This is a timed test.

    B. Mathematics Assessment: This test is 54 minutes with 36 questions. This is a timed test.


    All applicants must:

    C. Achieve a passing score of at least 60% correct answers in the Reading Assessment and score at least 56.7% correct answers in the Mathematics Assessment. These percentages of correct answers are the minimum scores for passing the TEAS test. An applicant must pass all two areas of assessment to qualify for an interview.

    D. Students wanting to retake the entrance exam must score above the 39% correct answer level in both the Reading Assessment and Mathematics Assessment sections of the TEAS test. The applicant must wait until the following school year to retake the entrance exam.

    If the applicant decides to take the exam more than once, they will need to register again online and pay $70 prior to that application deadline date to be considered for that exam. Please contact the secretary for payment information. The applicant may take the entrance exam only twice from December 2021 through April 2022.

    Students who fail the entrance exam may want to contact the following educational institutions for remediation: Middlesex Community College – Bedford, MA, Adult Learning Center - 781-280-3662 (Bedford classes), 978-941-1373 (Waltham classes), Lowell Adult Education - 978-937-8989

    Preparing for the TEAS Exam

    The TEAS Pre-Test Study Manual will be used by most students to prepare for this exam. Go to www.atitesting.com – to the “on-line store” to purchase this item.

    3. Special Accommodations

    Greater Lowell Technical Practical Nurse Program seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals with a disability while adhering to all federal, state, and local laws, regulations and guidelines to provide an equal educational opportunity. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request a reasonable accommodation for their disability. Please note: Individualized Education (IEPs) are useful, but are not, in and of themselves, sufficient documentation to establish the rationale for accommodations. Please contact the Program Director at 978-441-4870 for required further information.

    In order for the Greater Lowell Technical Practical Nurse Program to investigate, review and evaluate all special accommodations, the application must be submitted 30 days prior to the requested examination date. No late requests will be accepted. Individuals with a qualified disability seeking a reasonable accommodation will be notified by mail of the test accommodation prior to the examination date.

    4. Interview

    All applicants who have met the entrance requirements will be notified by email.  At that time, the applicant needs to email the Admissions Director to set up an appointment for a Zoom interview.

    These documents will be required on the day of the interview and will be evaluated for enrollment decisions:

    1. Completed Application
    2. Your Personal Statement — not more than 200 words stating why you feel you are especially equipped to benefit from the program.
    3. Your Resume of recent education and work experience — healthcare related work experience is given preference for admissions.
    4. Original/Official U.S. High School Transcript or Official U.S. College Transcript approved by that State’s Board of Education or a U.S. GED. If supplying a GED, we must see the GED Certificate and the Official Transcript of GED Test Results.
    5. Students that do not possess a U.S. High School Transcript or a U.S. GED can:
      1. Test for a U.S. GED in their city of residence, or
      2. Contact the Center of Educational Documentation Inc., P.O. Box 199 Boston, MA 02117, 1-617-338-7171, www.cedevaluations.com for information on having your foreign diploma evaluated for equivalency and authenticity.
    6. All official college-level or Post-Secondary transcripts (if applicable) should be submitted at the interview — health care related education and occupational training is given preference for admissions.
    7. Three (3) Letters of Reference — These letters must be from current/former supervisors and/or teachers. Letters must be on company/business letterhead. Do not submit letters from relatives or friends.
    8. Documentation of Citizenship Status (one of the following):  All documents Must be ORIGINALS
      1. Birth Certificate (original)
      2. Certificate of Naturalization (original)
      3. VALID U.S. Passport (original)
      4. VALID Resident Alien Card (original)
      5. VALID Employment Authorization Card (original) All non-citizen documentation will be submitted for verification with the Department of Homeland Security.
    9. Social Security Card - Must be ORIGINAL
    10. Proof of Residency
      Driver’s License - If you possess a different address than was is indicated on your license please provide:  1. Resident's Utility Bill and/or Lease Agreement

    5. Program Technical Standards

    In order to successfully complete the Nursing Program, certain physical and behavioral capabilities are required in course work and as part of your clinical experience. All nursing students must be able to satisfy these standards with or without a reasonable accommodation.

    These include:

    1. Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
    2. Auditory Ability
    3. Visual Ability
    4. Physical Strength (Gross Motor Control)
    5. Manual Dexterity (Fine Motor Movement)
    6. Behavioral/Mental Performance

    6. Students Returning Full Time

    Past students who wish to return as Full-Time students must have their applications reviewed and be interviewed by the Director.

    7. Basic Life Support Course (BLS)

    BLS Provider is required for all admitted PN students prior to starting their clinical experiences in early September. 

    8. Health Requirements

    Health Exams are required prior to being placed at clinical sites. The school also requires that all students be in good health as evidenced by:

    1. Pre-Entrance Medical Exam
    2. Pre-Entrance Immunization records (MMR, HBV, Varicella Titers, TSpot or Quantiferon Gold,  TDAP (Vaccine), Influenza (Vaccine), MenACWY and Drug Screening)
    3. Any other immunization requirements specified by the MA Department of Public Health (Meningococcal for all full-time students 21-years of age or younger)
    4. COVID Vaccination